Split Train Tickets are allowed by the National Rail Conditions of Travel, provided that the train you are traveling on stops at (and does not merely pass through) the departure stations named on your split tickets.

And, provided that you were on time for your first train and if any of your tickets are Advance tickets, then in the event of delays or missing connections split train tickets give you the same rights as the more expensive through tickets allowing you to take the next appropriate train. For additional information and to confirm this information refer to section 19 of the National Rail Conditions of Travel that you may view here

Split Train Ticket Journey Planner

Split Train Ticket Journey Planner

Use the SplitTicketing.com
moneysaving price check and split ticket booking service above and you could pay a lot less for your train tickets.

These split tickets are valid on exactly the same train and at the times you select and you certainly don't have to get off the train where you change from one ticket to another. The only thing that you must ensure is that the train your board stops at every station where you split tickets, something this web site automatically does for you.

All of the following train operating companies conduct their business under the National Rail Conditions of Travel and may not hinder or prevent you from using split tickets to reduce the cost of traveling on their service.


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First Capital Connect    Grand Central Railways    First Great Western   Gatwick Express Trains    First Hull Trains   Virgin Trains 

Greater Anglia Railways   Heathrow Connect Trains    Heathrow Express Trains    London Midland Trains    Merseyrail Trains    Northern Railway

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